Better2Know’s HIV Duo test will detect the HIV virus at just four weeks after potential exposure to the infection. This 4th generation test is extremely sensitive and specific to the HIV virus, with 99.8% accuracy at just 28 days of incubation. This increases to 99.9% after 90 days.

Incubation Period:

28 days

Samples Required:



How does this test work?

The test is referred to as a Duo test because it combines testing for the p24 antigen with an antibody test for the HIV I and II strains. Our test will be able to detect the HIV virus from 28 days as it detects both these markers.

An antigen is a protein found on the surface of a pathogen. Within the first few weeks of infection the HIV p24 antigen is detectable in the blood. The p24 antigen test is often used for a diagnosis of an HIV infection in the first three month. Foreign pathogens that enter the body trigger the immune system to produce antibodies (seroconversion) which will be specific to the virus. This is when we were will be able to detect the HIV antibodies. There are two types of HIV - Type I and Type II (which is less common), this test will detect both of them.

How will I get my results?

Your results will be reported through our secure patient area, and you can view them at your convenience by logging in at any time. We will also contact you personally once all your test results are ready.

What if I test positive?

If your results are reactive, Better2Know will run confirmatory testing at no additional cost. Our experienced sexual health advisors can arrange a private consultation with one of our doctors, or refer you to a specialist service, should you need it following your results.

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