Better2Know’s Private Counselling Service in Asia

If you are worried about your sexual health, or STI test, Better2Know’s private sexual health counsellors are highly qualified to provide you with confidential guidance and support.

Your Better2Know counsellor can discuss:

  • Your sexual health related concerns and how they may be affecting your mental health.
  • How to cope with emotions that may have been generated by your STI test or results.
  • How to reduce the psychological strain you may be experiencing as a result of an STI test or other sexual health problems.

Your patient journey with Better2Know is completely confidential. We will not share any details, including your personal information, with your doctor or any other third parties without your consent. You can also choose to remain anonymous if this makes you feel more comfortable when arranging your private counselling session with Better2Know.

Adjusting to Your STI Status

Positive STI results can often heighten feelings of stress, confusion and anxiety. Better2Know’s highly qualified sexual health counsellors are available five days a week to listen to your problems and help alleviate your worries. Your private counselling specialist can help you understand your diagnosis and suggest ways to manage the emotions you may be feeling with regards to your STI status.

Your anxiety about sexual health could also be affecting your day-to-day lifestyle. Whether this is because you are waiting for your results, or have just received a positive diagnosis, Better2Know are here to help. During your 20-minute telephone appointment, our qualified sexual health counsellor can discuss your specific concerns and offer advice on how to move forward.

Book Your Confidential Counselling Session

To arrange your private counselling session with Better2Know in Asia today, please contact our highly trained sexual health advisors on the number displayed at the top of the page. They can answer any additional questions you may have, before processing your booking and confirming the time that your Better2Know counsellor will contact you. You can also book online at any time via the orange button above. Get in touch with us to begin your Better2Know patient journey now.