Herpes is a viral infection and the most common cause of cold sores and genital blisters. It is usually passed on through direct contact with an active sore on the body. This can include kissing someone with a cold sore and/or sexual contact. Cold sores are usually caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type One (Herpes I). It is commonly found around the lips or mouth and can be transferred to the genital area through oral sex. Herpes Simplex Virus Type Two (Herpes II) is the most common cause of blisters or sores in or around the genital region. It can be transmitted to the mouth through unprotected oral sex. Over half of people living with Herpes are unaware they are infected.

Incubation Period:

28 days if you have no symptoms. If you have symptoms, you can get tested today

Samples Required:

Blood (no symptoms), Urine or Swab (with symptoms)

Did You Know:

Over 70% of people will catch Herpes I/II during their lifetime.

How is Herpes transmitted?

Herpes is extremely infectious and many people catch it during childhood, through kissing. It is considered a sexually transmitted infection of the genital area. Vaginal, anal or oral sexual contact with an infected individual who is experiencing an outbreak increases the chances of you contracting Herpes.

How will I know if I have Herpes?

Around one in four people with Herpes have no or mild symptoms. Two in four people will have the occasional outbreak. One in four people will have severe outbreaks. Outbreaks can include blisters in the infected area, red skin, itching, and a general feeling of being unwell or run down. If you have Herpes, you will usually not have any symptoms between outbreaks.

What tests are available for Herpes?

Better2Know tests for Herpes with a blood, urine or swab of the suspected blister. You should choose the blood test if you do not have any symptoms. The urine and swab tests will only tell you if your current symptoms are due to Herpes. Herpes is also included in our Platinum and Comfort Screens. It can be added on to any other Better2Know screen.

How is the infection treated?

Like various other viral infections, once you have the Herpes Simplex Virus, it will remain in the body and can cause recurrent outbreaks in the infected individual. These can be managed with anti-viral medications in the form of creams or pills that help control the infection. Better2Know’s private STI clinics across Asia can help you to access the treatment you need, as well as providing support and advice on lifestyle changes to help manage the infection, should you require it.

The virus is most likely to be passed on when you have symptoms, so you should abstain from or practice safe sex with a condom during this time. If you find that you have many outbreaks and/ or severe blisters, there are anti-viral medications available that your doctor may be able to prescribe for you.

How can I book my test with Better2Know?

To book your Herpes test with Better2Know today, or to address any additional queries in relation to other tests, clinics and services throughout Asia, please contact our trained Patient Services team on the number displayed at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can book online at any time by using the Book Now button above.