At Better2Know, we understand that getting tested for an STI can be a worrisome time for you. That is why we offer fast, accurate and discreet testing at private clinics across Asia. Our modern and advanced facilities meet the highest international standards of quality, and our services in Asia are available to residents, visitors and expatriates alike.

At your confidential appointment, you will be seen promptly by a friendly, non-judgmental, experienced clinician. They will collect your blood, urine or swab samples before sending them to our certified laboratory for analysis. Once all your results are ready, you will be contacted by a member of our sexual health advisory team. You can also view your results online at any time by logging into the secure patient area of our website. Results are available within one to five working days of your sample’s arrival at the laboratory, depending on your selected test or screen.

Tests and Screens

Whether you are concerned about a recent incident, have any worrying symptoms, or just need general peace of mind, Better2Know are here to help. We test for more than a dozen sexually transmitted infections, with tests including:

  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea: Urine
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea: Rectal Swab
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea: Throat Swab
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea: Vaginal / Cervical Swab
  • Gardnerella 
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B Core Antibody
  • Hepatitis B Immunity Testing
  • Hepatitis B Service Antigen
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis C Antigen
  • Herpes Simplex I/II: Blood by IgG
  • Herpes Simplex I/II: Swab by PCR
  • Herpes Simplex I/II: Urine by PCR
  • HIV DUO Test
  • HIV RNA Viral Load by PCR
  • HPV
  • Human T Lymphotrophic Virus I-II Abs
  • Mycoplasma
  • PAP Smear
  • Semen for Culture
  • Swab for Culture
  • Syphilis: Blood
  • Syphilis: Swab of Chancre
  • Trichomonas
  • Ureaplasma
  • Urine for Microscopy and Culture
  • Zika Antibodies IgG IgM
  • Zika PCR Urine

As well as individual STI testing, Better2Know has a comprehensive array of sexual health screens, comprising tests for multiple infections. Our variety of screens are designed and reviewed by a panel of medical specialists. To learn more about our range of tests and screens, select the respective STI Tests and STI Info pages tabs in the menu above.


Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding STI symptoms and testing. If you have any specific questions about Better2Know’s private sexual health testing services, please contact our experienced Patient Services team on the telephone number above.

How common are sexually transmitted infections?

STIs are extremely common around the globe, with Chlamydia being the most prevalent. Incidence of Gonorrhoea, Trichomonas, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C have all experienced an increase in the last year, while more and more people are being infected with HIV. In fact, as many as 25% of people living with the virus are unaware of their positive status. The only way to be sure that you have an STI is to get tested.

What symptoms should I be aware of?

Many STIs show little or no signs of infection in the preliminary stages and, when present, symptoms tend to vary depending on the respective STI. You should certainly consider an STI test if you experience any of the following:

  • Pain or burning upon urination
  • Rash or blemishes
  • Unusual discharge
  • An ulcer, or break, in the continuation of the skin
  • Pain in the vulva, clitoris or testicular region
  • Bleeding between periods or after intercourse
  • Pain or irritation on intercourse or ejaculation
  • Difficulty or pain on penetration
  • Blood in urine
  • Urgency to pass urine more frequently
  • Swelling in the testes or vulva

When will I eligible for testing?

Many of Better2Know’s diagnostic tests and screens require a minimum period of incubation. This is the length of time between potential exposure to an infection and when the test will accurately be able to detect it. Incubation periods alternate depending on the STIs being tested for. Please visit our individual STI pages for more information, or contact a member of our Patient Services team to find out more.

What is the accuracy of my test?

All the pathology for Better2Know’s STI testing is performed in fully accredited, Asian laboratories. Each one of our comprehensive tests and screens stipulates a minimum period of incubation, thus ensuring the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Is all the information surrounding my test confidential?

All our tests are 100% confidential. When you test with Better2Know, you can rest assured that all your personal details and results will be handled with the strictest confidence. You do not have do give your real name and we will not inform your doctor, or any other third party, without your permission.

How long does it take to get the test results?

With Better2Know, your test or screen results will be available within one to five working days of your samples' arrival at our laboratory. Results times may vary depending on your selected test or screen. Please see the individual STI pages for more information.

What happens if I test positive?

Should you test positive for any STI, Better2Know will help you access the treatment or medication you require. If necessary, we will also refer you to a specialist service. For more information on what to do in the event of a positive result, please visit our 'What if I test positive?' page via the STI Info tab above.

In the short term, it is advisable to inform all recent sexual partners who may have been exposed, and try to persuade them to receive testing. Yourself and your current partner should also be tested, and you should avoid unprotected sexual intercourse in order to avoid re-infection.

How can I make a booking?

To arrange your appointment in Asia online, please select the Book Now button at the top of the page and follow the instructions. You can also make a booking over the phone by calling our Patient Services team on the telephone number above.