Chlamydia is an STI, which is passed on through sexual intercourse with an infected person. Many people with Chlamydia do not have any symptoms, particularly in the early stages of infection. However, the infection can cause permenant damage to your reproductive organs in this time. This can lead to infertility in women, and reduced fertility in men. In women, Chlamydia can infect both the cervix and urinary tract, which can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It can also infect the male urinary tract causing swelling or inflammation of the testicles. Chlamydia can be extremely harmful, hence the importance of regular testing and early diagnosis.

Incubation Period:

14 days

Samples Required:

Urine or Swab

Did You Know:

Globally, it is estimated that there could be as many as 166 million new cases of Chlamydia every single year. Read more.

How is Chlamydia transmitted?

Chlamydia is an extremely common STI. It is caused by a bacterium that lives as a parasite inside human cells. The bacteria can thrive in various parts of the body, including the penis, throat, vagina, and anus, so sexual contact with any of these areas is considered particularly high-risk for contracting the infection.

How will I know if I have Chlamydia?

The only way to know if you have a Chlamydia infection is to get tested. Approximately 75% of women and 50% of men show no signs of infection, which often makes it difficult to know whether or not you have contracted Chlamydia. When symptoms are present, they can include unusual discharge, and pain or burning upon urination. Women may also experience back pain, unusual pain during sex, and / or bleeding in between periods while, for men, inflamed or swollen testicles can occur, as well as discomfort around the tip of the penis.

What tests are available for Chlamydia?

Available at our clinics across Asia, Better2Know can test you for Chlamydia individually, or combined with other tests as part of a comprehensive STI screen. As well as detecting infection using a single urine sample, we can also test for Chlamydia by taking a swab from your throat, vagina or anus. Depending on your selected test or screen, your results will be ready within five working days from your sample’s arrival at our fully certified laboratory.

How is the infection treated?

Chlamydia is curable, and is treated with a short course of antibiotics. Should you test positive for Chlamydia, or any other STI, Better2Know will help you access the treatment or medication you require.

How can I book my test with Better2Know?

To book your Chlamydia test with Better2Know today, or to find out more about our other tests, clinics and services throughout Asia, contact our experienced Patient Services team on the telephone number above. You can also arrange your appointment online by selecting the Book Now button at the top of the page.