All of Better2Know's STI tests and screens have an incubation period. This is the time between any incident that you are concerned about and the time of your appointment. It is important to be accurate about this as testing within the incubation period may affect the accuracy of your results. If you test too soon, there is a possibility that the STI will go undetected, despite being present in your system. There is no maximum incubation period and you do not have to be tested on a specific date once you have reached the minimum amount of time associated with your test or screen. Many common infections show no signs of infection in the initial stages, so it is important to get tested regularly for peace of mind regarding your sexual health.

Better2Know’s STI Screens

If you have symptoms at any time:

  • Blemish Screen
  • Female Swab

From 10 days

  • Early Detection Screen

From 14 days

  • Comfort Screen
  • Confirm Screen
  • Comprehensive Screen
  • Early Platinum Screen
  • Peace of Mind Screen

From 28 days

  • Complete Screen
  • Conclusive Screen
  • Complete Screen
  • Full Screen
  • Hepatitis Screen
  • Platinum Screen
  • Pre-Pregnancy Screen

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